Friday, October 21, 2011

Handwriting: iPads and Paper and Pencil

The Kindergarten has a weekly guided lesson on the iPads. This week during their handwriting practice, groups moved through the iPad activities on iWriteWords and traditional worksheets. One of our theories about using iPads was that with the right app that gives students direction for their letter formation and feedback when they do it incorrectly, they would get the kind of repeated practice that will eventually make the formation of letters come naturally. This video demonstrates the challenge of guiding a kindergartener through correct letter formation with paper and pencil, compared to practicing repeatedly with feedback on the iPad.


  1. Thanks for this insightful video! I am an app developer and I have an alphabet/number tracing app called "Trace Right!" that models a traditional worksheet but with animated strokes and most importantly feedback on tracing.
    This is not a game app, but specifically for learning proper strokes of writing alphabets/numbers.

    I am curious and eager to hear your thoughts on my app and how you think it might work in your class. Here is the info:
    iTunes Link:!/id421095757?mt=8
    Here is a promotional code for you to use: RMY6PP777NXX
    I will be happy to send you more codes.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi there! Have you had a chance to try Trace Right? Would be great to hear your feedback. Thanks!