Thursday, August 2, 2012

Slice It!

My family and I have recently discovered an app that we can’t stop playing! 
Slice It! (paid version) or Slice It Begins! (free version) by Com2Us is fantastic.  The point of the game is to slice various shapes into equal pieces.  In the beginning, the shapes are simple enough so the player can understand what to do in the game.  As the player progresses, the shapes and the slices become more challenging.  The directions are simple to understand and each page gives the player a “tip” at the bottom. When a shape is sliced, the player can get from 1-5 stars and the app encourages the player to try again to get 5 stars.  If the player fails to slice even pieces, the follow up page shows why the first try was incorrect.  When the player earns 5 stars on a shape, he or she earns a bonus “hint” to use in the future.  Hints can be used if the player is stuck and not sure how to proceed.

What We Like

·         Simple directions

·         Explains mistakes; encourages player to retry

·         Music can be turned off

·         Shows percentage of each piece sliced

·         Shows player that equal pieces can be different shapes

·         Challenging, yet not frustrating

What We’d Like to Change

·         Only keeps track of one player; would be nice if multiple players could track progress

·         Ability to move lines without having to “undo” (a drag and drop)

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