Thursday, May 5, 2011

First exploration...

After the initial excitement passed, I have learned that this technology is not as intuitive for me as I thought it might be. It has taken the better part of a day to become comfortable navigating between screens on the iPad. I keep looking for the undo button...

Today I spent some time experimenting with iWrite. I really think that this app will be useful (and popular) in the classroom. It asks the student to trace numbers and upper and lower case letters with their finger. The app prompts with a character that indicates the starting point. If the proper stroke order is not followed, the letter or number jiggles around. What I really wish I could find was this same app for the Handwriting Without Tears program since that is what we use in our classroom. The iWrite app is close to HWT - but not the same.

In my opinion, one of the best things about iWrite is that it will fit into and enhance our current handwriting curriculum. I was worried that the iPad and apps would drive curriculum rather than the other way around - so this discovery made me happy.

Challenges: Will the little guys scratch the screens? Will the screens end up sticky and smudgy? What will happen when the iPads get dropped?

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  1. Thanks, Denise. Great thoughts and observations. The app described is iWriteWords, I'm glad that you imagine it will support the curriculum. I'm not sure any two handwriting "systems" ever match perfectly.

    Yes, we need to know more about cleaning or scratching screens. I'm hearing that they are pretty durable as far as breakage goes...Let's hope!