Friday, May 20, 2011

iPad Exploration

Since I've been experimenting with the iPad, I have been most challenged by learning how to navigate the apps. As a kindergarten teacher, technology has not played much of a role in my teaching or in my professional life. Now that I'm tasked with getting to know this device and the apps, I'm already much more comfortable using technology professionally.

I have "listened in" on an aimschat on twitter about teachers using technology. I have found wonderful resources on diigo about technology in education (although I'm still not entirely sure how to use diigo). I have joined a PLN (professional learning network) to hopefully exchange ideas about iPads in kindergarten. I have tried out many apps for kindergarteners.
I never would have done this without the iPad. I never would have done this on my school issued laptop (which I lock away in my classroom each night). The iPad is easy to keep with me and is always on. I can flip it open and explore easily and quickly.

My iPad not only holds promise for classroom review and exploration, but also for my own growth as a teacher. If only every teacher had one.

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