Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My 5 year old opened Alphatots. The letters of the alphabet appear on individual cards at the top and the bottom of the screen when it first opens. The last card has musical notes on it. If you press this, you get the ABC song. Hold your finger on any letter and you learn the sound of that letter and a word. Each letter has a task for the user to perform. It was quite entertaining. My daughter went through the entire alphabet and then wnet back to her favorite ones. This could be a used a quick review of the alphabet. You can also change the letters on the card from capitals to lowercase.

Question: My 5 year likes to have the pad sitting upwrite for this type of program, but it kept tipping over when she touched the screen. Would there be a stand available for students who prefer to work with the ipad upright?


  1. Have you tried making the cover into a triangle? That seems to work well for us.

  2. We like Alphatots for kindergarten. It is a nice support for the phonics lessons we use in the classroom. Our students could use this app in our listening center with headphones with just a little instruction. Since we work on just one letter at a time, it would be really nice if the "lessons" in this app were more thorough for each individual letter. It would really support our teaching if we could assign one letter each week and know that the lesson would give 6-12 activities reinforcing a specific letter sound.