Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Motion Math

As suggested by our Technology Director, I put the iPad in the hands of my children and let them play for a while. After exploring for a while, my older son found Motion Math to be a fun app. I watched him play for a while, and then talked to him about the game. This is a fractions game, geared for older kids (maybe 3rd grade and up). You have to be fairly accurate when placing the fractions, and if you are off, the app gives you hints on where to place the fraction. The hints get more and more directed if you continue to place the fraction incorrectly (I asked my son to test this). I liked that the game kept changing the task, to keep the player involved and interested. However, the game has over 20 levels, and yet there wasn't a stopping point between levels to show the players progress. You can pause the game, but you can also just keep playing. To get to the end of the game can take over 20 minutes. If used in the classroom, I can see that as a problem, if you want several kids to be able to play. Overall, this might be a fun review game for 3rd or 4th graders after a unit on fractions.

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