Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hungry Fish!

Motion Math Hungry Fish has made a big splash in kindergarten!

It's a simple concept - there is a hungry fish and he needs to be fed some bubbles that add up to, or are the same amount as, the number on hungry fish's belly.

Kindergarteners love this app! If you don't combine the bubbles (add the numbers) to equal the needed food number, the fish won't eat it and more bubbles will appear. If the fish doesn't get food, a hint will appear after some time. Eventually, without food, the fish dies and offers the student the chance to try again.

This is a Motion Math app so there are multiple levels and each level has varied degrees of difficulty. There are also some bells and whistles to make it fun - changing the color of the fish, creating new fish, and even caves and Mad Fish eating wrong answers!

This app fits nicely in our program - offering children a chance to explore numbers and an appealing way to practice addition.

I like this app "side by side" with:
* kindergarten addition using physical math manipulatives
* creative group thinking about a real world math application

What I might change... I would like to see the number sentence at the bottom of the screen each time I add bubbles together. Also, Hungry Fish only offers in-app upgrades which makes it difficult to manage bulk purchases in an education setting. (This is also true of Motion Math Zoom.)

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  1. Denise,
    How have you approached the management of the Motion Math apps? This problem has postponed our purchase of the apps.