Monday, January 9, 2012

Hooray for Motion Math apps

Motion Math Zoom

This simple app is fast becoming one of my favorites in the classroom. It is a simple and intuitive number line that helps reinforce place value. The students need to move the number line in order to find the space for a particular number that floats down in a bubble. The number line is moved by sliding a finger. To get larger numbers, the student pinches or un-pinches their fingers. Larger numbers are represented by larger animals such as a rhino or dinosaur while smaller numbers are dogs or frogs.

This app has an even more advanced option as numbers can get as small as amoebas (thousandths) and can delve into negative numbers. I especially like the real representation of the animals in addition to the numbers.

My students have been working primarily with the first three levels. In addition to introducing this glimmer of an idea about place value, the students have really been reinforcing number ordering skills and number recognition.

As in all of our favorite apps, this one is self-correcting. It has really nice and appealing graphics and the sounds are not obnoxious or over praising. In addition, this app has scaffolding and support for students who are struggling. The app offers some "clues" if a particular puzzle is not solved in a certain amount of time.

This is a great app for use:
*partnered with learning / filling out / recognizing numbers on a hundreds chart...
*when you are teaching numbers that are greater than or less than...
*once you introduce numbers greater than 10...


  1. Thanks Denise! So glad your students are enjoying our game. Any suggestion for improvement?

    Also, be sure to check out our new addition game, Motion Math: Hungry Fish.

    Jacob, Motion Math

  2. Thanks Jacob - we do think that a great addition to this would be more activities for numbers 1-10 and1-20 for our little guys. Perhaps more challenges before the next level is reached? Our students accomplish the lower level and move on to numbers that are "over their heads " before they are ready.

  3. Jacob,
    From what I can figure out, the only way to unlock higher levels is to do an "in-app purchase". Since I am managing the iPads by purchasing through Apple Volume Purchasing, then loading them altogether, the in-app purchase doesn't fit the method. Or is there another way to do this?