Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Apps for Teaching Chinese to Lower Schoolers

I looked at several story apps including Rye Studios' and Ana Lomba's. So far
everything I have found is geared towards native speakers, much too hard for
beginners. Would love to find very simple stories, such as those used in
beginning esl. Will keep searching....

I did find a fantastic app though that allows students to work on
writing numbers in Chinese. It is called 123 Fun: Write and Learn Numbers.
This is exactly what I have been looking for. It has both the sound and the
visuals, and most importantly, when students write the numbers in Chinese
they must follow the proper stroke order or it does not allow them to
proceed. This is wonderful! Students need to learn how to write these basic characters, but must use the proper stroke order. With this app they can
practice to their heart's content. I am going to have my 7-year old tester
work with it to see if it is appealing to her.

The only issue I am running into so far with my ipad is that I am having great trouble installing a Chinese-typing capability on my ipad. I do not want to see everything in Chinese, just be able to switch into typing in Chinese whenever I need to.
Edith Zhang

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  1. Settings>General>Keyboard>International Keyboards

    Select the ones you want to have access to. A button will appear on your keyboard that will allow you to quickly switch between languages on the keyboard.