Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smart Board Connection?

Is it possible to connect the iPad to the smart board somehow? I am finding certain features that would be great to project and interact with on the smart board. For instance I found a great app focused n Jamestown. Basically it is like a book telling the story about Jamestown, but it has multi-media features as well. Good images and video. I also found a decent collection of antique maps that can be enlarged. I could see using these apps in class. If I cannot connect the iPad to the smart board somehow, then possibly I can download apps on a computer that can. I'd appreciate any thoughts.



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  2. I was thinking about this as well so your question prompted me to do some research. The iPad is capable of outputting what's on the screen ( called mirroring ) through the dock connector on the bottom. You have to buy an adaptor ( $29 here at the apple store ) to plug it into the monitor cable that sends the input to the projector. This will only project the iPads screen onto the SMARTBoard. You will not be able to interact with the iPad from the SMARTBoard screen. Unfortunately, there is no way to have the SMARTBoard communicate directly with the iPad .

    The cable connect method would still be very useful. Thinking about buying one of the adapters myself...

  3. Jenni Swanson VoorheesJuly 20, 2011 at 8:59 PM

    We have six of those adapters on campus for use with iPads. They make it possble to project the image, but the user must operate the website, etc. through the iPad rather than using touch on the SmartBoard. I have been using it when I've demonstrated the iPad in all our training sessions.

  4. Great! I think there are definitely some nice features that I could use in lessons. Thanks for the info.

  5. Also keep in mind that wireless video mirroring is coming in fall with iOS5, so you'll be able to pop your iPad screen onto the Smartboard without wires, ala Apple TV.

    - Jay

  6. Who are you Jay? I don't see your name on our list of contributors,

  7. Hi Jenni,
    I have to tell exactly my school administrators what to purchase in order to connect my personal iPad to the SmartBoard via WiFi I have in my classroom. The actual beamer is an Epson XVGA.
    As far as I have understood I need Apple Tv and a new beamer with HDMI. Am I correct?
    How good is your experience so far? Any suggestion?
    Thank you,

    1. Giorgio,
      We have been able to connect using the "dongle" that adapts the iPad to a VGA cable. However, at a conference we were able to play with Apple TV with an HDMI projector. That was very powerful difference, since we could walk around with the iPad, not tethered. That is what I recommend and will be implementing in the fall.

  8. Here is another interesting twist on iPads and projectors. Turn your iPad into a document camera!! http://www.classroominthecloud.net/2011/10/5-awesome-things-you-can-do-with-ipad.html