Monday, July 25, 2011

Combining iPad and Laptop with Evernote to Use as Note Taking Tool

I've started to get into using Evernote a lot. It looks like a wonderful note taking tool and I am trying to use it to plan out curriculum and thoughts about the upcoming school year. The app is a green square with a grey elephant in the middle. Today I started thinking about how to use Evernote along with the iPad and my laptop to keep student notes. In Evernote I could create a separate notebook for each student and then make new entries for each student as the year goes on. With Evernote I can type and handwrite thoughts, I can capture and import images, and I can record my voice. Plus it seems to have many nice organizing features that I have not yet discovered. I am starting to realize, I think correctly, that the iPad and PC laptop bring different abilities to using Evernote.

With the iPad I am starting to envision...
-Taking pictures of children's work or of children and recording my thoughts either by typing them with the image or by recording myself speaking thoughts into the iPad.
-Recording conversations with students or student explanations or read alouds or spoken presentations to be listened to and reviewed later. I believe I can also type or verbally record my observations on the same note.
-The iPad is light and easy to carry around and could be more efficient for recording moments and thoughts throughout the day.

With the laptop am starting to envision...
-Having more options for what I can do with Evernote, such as writing or typing and creating new notebooks for students, a task that the iPad does seem capable of doing.
-Writing more in depth thoughts that I may not want to use the screen keypad for.
-Overall it seems the laptop can act more as an administrator for my Evernote work, whereas the iPad could function as a day to day thought recording device.

One of the beauties of Evernote is that it stores information virtually--if I am saying that correctly. So, once you synchronize the material you just entered, you are able to review and work with any device on which you have downloaded the program.

Using both interfaces, I could see this being very handy when writing reports. I could review filed notes on the iPad and then take care of report card writing and checklists on the laptop. I don't have to carry home stacks of papers!

I am just starting to figure this out, so there may be snags. I wonder how safe is the information I store. I guess this depends upon the password I use. But I still would like to find out more about the safety dimensions. As well, I need to figure out more what the iPad and the PC laptop can do with Evernote, because they definitely seem different.

I'd appreciate any thought from anyone who is more familiar with Evernote than me.



  1. I think you have some wonderful ideas with Evernote in education from the teacher perspective. I've synced it to 6 different devices and it works very well on all of them (I have the free account right now). I too worry about the security of it but for now all we can do is have a safe password and don't leave your devices too accessible. I'm not claiming to be an expert but I have been using it a lot.

    I've also been thinking about it from a student perspective. I could either have an account or a notebook for each student. Then I can prepare work for a group (copy and paste into accounts/notes) or an individual child by placing it as a note for them to read/listen to (ages will dictate what you can do).

    They can then complete a task set by typing, writing, taking pictures, recording their voice, etc. whatever you prescribe. Then when the iPad syncs with my PC I have their work. Which I can move to their Personal Learning Profile on my school's network. From there I can grade/print/display/share/whatever. This does away with messy file sharing apps and multiple cloud storage systems.

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  2. Hi Maurice,

    My name is Chad Simpson, and my organization is working with Evernote to compile the various uses that educators have found for the app. (

    If you'd be willing to share more, or if you know someone who might be, please write me at What we're looking for is a conversation and a few pictures, and we'll be happy to find a way to thank you for your time.

    Best regards,
    Chad on behalf of Evernote